A Critical Review of the 48 Oct Octagonal Mahogany Poker Table

A Critical Review of the 48 Oct Octagonal Mahogany Poker Table

The 48 “Octagonal Mahogany Poker Table is a small poker table. Let us review the 48” Octagonal Mahogany Poker Table and find out more about the product.

It is quite common that we want to buy a poker table for our home use. If you have any such plans the 48 “Octagonal Mahogany Poker Table is a product that deserves a look. It’s a quick glance at the 48” Octagonal Mahogany Poker Table reveals that the product has been made Home users of crafted keeping in mind the requirements. They can buy the table and keep it in the poker room of their house. When friends drop over the weekend you can enjoy a nice game of poker. Your friends are definitely going to the table. Now, let’s look at some technical specifications on the table QQ Online.

The table is made of solid wood which gives it a classy look and ofcourse make the table solid and sturdy. If maintained well this table can go on for ages. If you think that the 48 “Octagonal Mahogany Poker Table is a small table, think again. The table can be easily seated with 8 people. This is what makes the table such a popular product among all other products.

A closer look at the table will reveal the beauty with which it has been crafted. The Railings of the Table are well varnished which gives a look at the Victorian era. The surface is felt and there is no need to worry about the quality of the material being used. If maintained well there is no need for a change over the long term. There are ash tray holders and cup holders for all 8 people. In the other poker tables that I have seen, the ash tray holder has been missing most of them. So this is an added advantage of the 48 ā€¯Octagonal Mahogany Poker Table.

If there is a poker table for your house, then you can buy this product. It has removable legs. After finishing off your games you can remove the legs and some other place on the table. Before we move on let us check out the product of the price. It comes with a price tag of $ 300. There are discounts that are available and you can get the table at a price of $ 200. There are shipping charges that are applicable. The product is priced on the higher side because it is made of solid wood.

The height of the table is 30 “and it has a diameter of 52” on one side and 48 “on the other side. The table weighs 50 lbs. Overall we can give the 48” Octagonal Mahogany Poker Table a score of 9 out of 10 A nice wooden poker table which scores in every area. That Is How The 48 “Octagonal Mahogany Poker Table Can Be Best Described.

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